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This post: January 12 2015 07:27 PM PST

Welcome to the all new FCA Sacramento Chapter website. We will make every effort to keep the calendar updated.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Our Chapter's drive on Saturday, May 9, 2014, involved about two dozen members and guests, and started in El Dorado Hills and ended in the Delta area along the Sacramento River. In the past, we have often met at the Town Center in El Dorado Hills, but this day it was reserved for a farmers market and craft fair, so we gathered across White Rock Road at another coffee location (it seemed that we all needed coffee that morning). After everyone had ample time for a coffee and to catch up on the latest with their Ferrari friends, we were off on our way through the foothills back roads, through the town of Ione, past multiple vineyards (they seem to be located everywhere today), and towards our ultimate destination, the former Sugar Mill near Clarksburg. Our lead car noticed a detour sign that affected our intended route, so we navigated a slight change to our course and were soon back on our way. Our travels eventually led us to the levee road along the Sacramento River before we headed across a few draw bridges, through the quaint town of Clarksburg and to our scenic picnic area parking. The former sugar mill site, with rustic brick industrial looking structures, has been substantially transformed into a multi-winery wine tasting venue, with often-held special events, such as the wedding that was to occur later in the day. Our Chapter's new Treasurer, Michael Smith, with his family to help, had arranged for us to park in a reserved location around the rear of the Mill on crushed stone paths that surrounded the lawn areas. The setting, with the old buildings, stone paths, groomed landscpaping and a backdrop of trees along the river's levee appeared like a site in the Italian countryside. After a little wine tasting, we all settled in at tables that had been held for us to overlook our cars. Ah, a little wine, a little lunch, beautiful weather, great friends...what better way could there be to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning? The cars appeared to be quite a hit with the unsuspecting customers of the wineries too. A lot of people want their pictures taken in front of a Ferrari (if they just wouldn't touch. Oh well, they were having a great time too). By early afternoon we started to depart and head towards home and other tasks, including making preparations for Mothers Day on Sunday. Great job on another nice event. Thank you Mike and Nate.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

If, I mean when, you find yourself in Las Vegas with a little time between "gaming", eating, quenching your thirst, racing exotics at Las Vegas Motorspeedway, attending shows, or whatever else peaks your interest, you might take a look at the Ferrari dealership located at the "Winn" resort. The dealership has two floors of showrooms, with the casino-floor level dedicated to Ferrari and Maserati. To gain admission to the cars, you are required to be an owner (they just ask for the model number/name - no other information or detail was required during a recent visit) or you can pay a fee. I was quite impressed with how well the receptionist was versed on model numbers. After viewing the showroom on the main floor, you walk down several flights of stairs to view the spotless shop and the cars on the lower level. This collection currently includes four former race cars (reportedly not for sale, unless the "right" price is offered), as well as Ferrari Corvette, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Maserati, etc. You will find the showroom by simply following the signage in the casino that point you in the direction of "Ferrari". Good viewing.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

The mist was at times so heavy on our drive from West Sacramento to Sonoma Raceway on Sunday, April 20th, that it occasionally required the wipers to be used to clear the windshield. Although, as soon as the raceway came into sight, the clouds were parting and the weather was beautiful for the remainder of the day. The weather was perfect (both Saturday and Sunday)for the 31 cars and drivers competing in this season's second round of the Ferrari Challenge, held this weekend at Sonoma Raceway. It was reported that this weekend marked the first time that the Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione would be used in the North American championship of the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli. The 458 Evoluzione features a revised front bumper and splitter, as well as a new rear wing, which have been developed from experience in Ferrari's GT racing. The changes result in a faster car (of course) that excels in high-speed corners as well as under braking. The results are that the lap times this year at Sonoma were seconds faster than last years racers. The next round of the Ferrari Challenge will be on May 16-18 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Ferrari of San Francisco invited pre-1975 Ferrari's to attend the races on Sunday. As a result, three Daytona's, several 246 Dino's, a few 308 GT4 Dino's, a 365 GTC4, a 330 GTC, a 365 California (from SF Ferrari), and many more were in attendance. In addition, five new F12's were driven to the event. Good show.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

We recently found a little jewel of an automobile collection in an industrial area of Tustin, CA (just inland from Newport Beach and Irvine). Always looking for something new to see of the beaten path, we came across the Marconi Automotive Museum. Dick Marconi opened the museum in 1994 to showcase his stunning collection of more than 70 exotic automobiles, including several Ferraris, such as side-by-side F50’s (which he purchased new), a 1950 195S (in which he has run the Mille Miglia), an F40, Dinos, Daytonas, F1 (as driven by Schumacher), one-offs for very special clients (such as Sultans) and on and on. There are open wheel race cars and top fuel dragsters hanging from the walls and mementoes and photos of the cars and driver’s history throughout the building. So, check it out if you are in the area and have a couple of hours to wander through this collection of gorgeous and interesting cars. Another nice find, and not too far from the Marconi Museum, is Crevier Classic Cars. Crevier is just a few blocks from the John Wayne/Orange County Airport on Clinton Street in Costa Mesa. Although this collection is listed as a car sales dealer, it appears more as a clubs collection of cars, and very elegant at the same time (pool table, leather couches, bar, wall hangings, etc.). The cars are mostly high-end and run the gamut from the beginning of automotive time (over 100 years old) to fairly recent and unique. If the collection is for sale, it appears to be well prepared for likes of the auctions in Monterey during car-week. And if that were not enough, if you have an interest in aviation, a few blocks from the Crevier, on the west side of the John Wayne Airport is the Lyon Air Museum. The collection of beautiful historic planes is housed in a purpose-built hanger to properly display its contents. Many of the museum docents even have first-hand experience in many of the aircraft on display.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Russ and Tim at Ferrparts welcomed FCA members back to their facilities on a beautiful spring-like Saturday morning, March 8th. Tim and his staff were already on site with ample hot coffee and pastries when about a dozen Ferraris arrived for a tour through their ever-changing inventory. We wandered through rooms of shelves filled with new as well as “recycled” parts, all precious as we all know they are. It was unfortunate, yet interesting to see a pair of Ferrari 458’s already being parted- out to fill the needs of others, cars and owners. Formerly prized possessions, now just a source of very unique replacement parts for still road-ready treasures. There were also other remnants of once-gorgeous Ferraris, including a Testarossa. When someone needs a part, sometimes there is just not a means of obtaining it unless there is a donor vehicle. Out of the cars driven to this event were three Testarossas, all about as nice as they were when driven out the factory doors. Each of these three cars were subtlely different from each other, with only very slight variations in appearance, unless you were one of their owners. Its quite interesting to listen to their owners compare notes about how significantly different these cars appeared and performed. This was a nice social event that drew members from as far away a Reno (yes Reno!) and Modesto. Thank you all for involvement and attendance.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Posed by Shannon Rogers:

Just wanted to give you the rundown on the Casa Robles Car show Yesterday. I brought the TR, Greg and his brother Gary came in the 330 and Terrie brought the Monte Carlo. There appeared to be about 300 cars in all with another Ferrari 308 there for a short time. We arrived just before 9 and it looked like chaos when we got there but soon found out it was well organized chaos. They placed groups in one area and all the individual cars in another filling about 3/4 of the parking lot.

There was a catering truck with Mexican food, Dave's Dawgs, TOGOs had some sandwiches and some guy selling some good Toffee. In the morning I had a steak and egg burrito that was real good, later that day we 1/4lb Dogs for lunch.

There were vendors with jewelry, candy, car products, Future ford had new cars there and if you took a test ride, they would donate $40 to the school. There was Raffle with 50+ items, for $20 you got a car length of tickets, you pick the car, so the caddy was pretty popular.

There was a wide variety of cars there from the obvious Hot Rods, Ferrari's, Rat rods and decked out Scions with every piece of gaming and sound options available for cars. I even saw a Gremlin with a V8. They put on some judging in several categories "Best hot rod" "Lowest car" "Best old exotic" "Best interior" "Best engine compartment" "Best new exotic" about 15 different categories, and get this, Terrie was entered for "Best Paint job" for the Monte Carlo.... and WON! We were both shocked due to the fact that there were so many good looking cars out there...! Good job Terrie! Greg and I both entered in the Best old and Best new exotic respectively but neither of us won, go figure.

Come about 1:30 the show was over. All in all it was pretty good, the weather was warm, I got a little too much sun, but the thought that all the money raised goes to the auto shop (not the School) makes it all worth it. This was the 2nd annual event here and I believe next year will be even better. hope you can make it, lets get one of our local High School Auto Shops some $.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Thank you, Shannon and Terrie Rogers for organizing our August 25th Drive from The Fountains in Roseville to Sienna in El Dorado Hills. We had 16 members/10 cars. We had brunch with bottomless Mimosas! We welcomed new members Gary and Bonnie Johnson.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Our last event, on July 13, 2013, took a group of the FCA Sacramento Chapter on a drive fron the El Dorado Hills Town Center, located at Highway 50 and Latrobe Road, through Georgetown, around Stumpy Meadows Lake and Union Valley Reservoir, back down to Highway 50 at Placerville, right by Jenkinson Lake in Sly Park, and then (whew!) down Grizzly Flat Road to our destination at the Saluti Cellars. This was a pretty round-about path to travel for a glass of wine, but well worth it. The roads were well maintained and the weather was beautiful. These country road names sure do reflect the history of the settlers of the gold rush era (Gopher Hole Road, Buckaroo Trail, Hanks Exchange Road, etc)! Saluti Cellars is located east of the intersetion of Mt. Aukum Road and Grizzly Flat Road (where?), and is probably one of the last wine tasting stops on this road. Tina and Randy, owners of the winery, were ready for us with ample wine and cheese, as well as with their time and good company. Other guests of the winery were pleasantly surprised to see the nice selection of Ferraris parked under the shade structure and were invited by our group to sit in the cars and to take all the photos they wished. This says a lot about our Chapter members. It was just another real nice day for a drive with friends.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

2012 Christmas Party on December 8 The list was checked (by the fire, with care), the Evites sent, the phone calls made, the reminder emails sent, the caterer contacted, the menu written, reviewed and approved (and with the clearance to suprise us a little - always a delight), the beverages listed and readied to pour, the tables set, the home carefully and beautifully decorated, the white elephant gifts selected and wrapped, and the guests dressed and ready for the Christmas celebration. A few cars were readied (only four Ferraris were counted this evening - thankfully it was rain-free). I guess they really do work in the dark and in less than ideal conditions. The revelers then began to arrive. Members came from afar, some even electing to spend the night in the area before heading home the following day. There was a little car talk, to be sure (a paint chip here, and how to make it disappear, an engine coming out there, and a new car for him, or her). Over twenty-eight members and guest gathered at our hosts (thank you Brian and Wendy) beautiful home to celebrate at our annual Christmas party on December 8, 2012. There was a white elephant event, where there was some pretty exciting horse trading with some of the gifts. This was all part of the fun. It was a great way to close out the year and to prepare for the events planned for next year. The event was catered again this year by Diane Wilkinson and everything was well prepared and received. Desserts were a big hit. The caramel bars were gone in a flash (Diane has offered to send the recipe). Good times. See you soon (hopefully with our car that has been out of circulation for nearly a year).

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

The 31st annual Great Italian Festival October 6 & 7, 2012, in Reno at the El Dorado Hotel Casino Every time last year’s trip to the Reno Italian Festival was discussed, you could feel the excitement in the conversation. As we were unable to attended in 2011, there was no way that we were going to miss attending in 2012. Not only is there the need to support the efforts of organizing an event, but there was the desire to participate in an annual festival that was extremely well planned. The Sacramento area members met, on Saturday morning, at the Fountains in Roseville, for a little hot coffee, prior to starting our drive to Reno. And a nice drive it was. Our car was still in the “shop”, so we assumed the tail position in the group, although it was always in the left lane. Upon arriving in Reno (time en-route is not to be disclosed – sure, we were just going along with traffic) we were positioned near the center of the activities for this year’s festival. As soon as we had arrived, the very attentive staff of the El Dorado Casino Hotel, and event staff, were prepared to direct us to our designated parking/display area (a little nicer than even last year I was told). Very soon after we arrived so did the Chapter’s members, and cars, from the Reno/western Nevada area. It’s a good thing that we were all settled in by about 10:30 on Saturday morning, because within an hour, the four-block-long area of the event was quite packed with people enjoying everything the festival had to offer. Italian food was in abundance up and down the street, as well as ample entertainment. Two stages, at opposite ends of downtown, offered a variety of great entertainment. As always, we enjoyed people watching, and enjoying the event (and the Ferraris), or just people watching, in general. Late in the afternoon, it was time to put the cars away for the evening. The hotel staff was extremely concerned about our comfort in having a location that we would not need to worry about through the night. We moved the cars to the hotel’s Limo parking area (thank you Dave, with trusting me to move your car those few blocks – I should have made a wrong turn somewhere to make the parking move at least a few miles drive). The El Dorado Hotel Casino then provided our club with an Italian themed buffet Saturday evening. The plate was not large enough for the length of the buffet, even before you might get to the dessert area. Eat and eat and eat…until we moved on to the evening’s entertainment – “Jersey Nights”, a “Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons” review in the hotel’s theater. The next morning brought us to the secured parking area to move our cars back to the Festival area. This was followed by a relaxing breakfast. We were then back to enjoying the weekend. By mid-afternoon, Sunday, we were headed of for home. This was another year of a great event, great weather, and of course, great friends. There is no doubt that this is an event that should be on the calendar next year. See you then.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Summer Drive and Wine Tasting July 14, 2012 This should read more like an historical document as I have been derelict in writing about this one-day event held a few months ago. On July 14, 2012, several of us, led by Nate Tanaka, met in El Dorado Hills for a drive into the Gold Country, with our destination being the Saluti Cellars in Somerset. We headed south on Latrobe Road, and then to jackson Road, and then to Shenandoad Road and then to... Well, we wound, and wound our way to the winery. It was a good drive, on a beautiful day. Somewhere between Shenandoah Road and Bucks Bar Road we added a few miles to the drive. That's what we were there for anyway, driving our Ferraris. We did stay on paved roads through the entire route, but we did have to cross one small wood bridge to do so. That chin spoiler on the Testarossa was just clear of making wood shaving of the bridges wood planks. Even after trying to retrace our course on Google, I lost track of where we could have wandered off the intended path. After a very pleasant drive, we came upon Grizzly Flat Road, and upon turning right, we arrived at Saluti Cellars (7505 Grizzly Flat Road, Somerset). Our hosts, Randy and Tina Rossi, are FCA/Sacramento Chapter members and they had their Ferrari out to welcome us. They have a beautiful site, located in their own little valley with grape vines covering the grounds together with lawn areas, a pond and even their own cave. In addition, the property has been in their family for generations and they are willing to share the history with you. We tasted, and tasted some more. Most, if not all of us, left with a little bit more wine for later. Before leaving for home, we all agreed that the winery and the setting would be perfect for a repeat next year. We will be planning to arrange for an event at about the same time in July, so look forward to seeing the announcement and plan to come along. Thank you Nate, for a great find and a nicely paced Gold Country drive.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

May 6, 2012 FCA Sacramento Chapter 2012 Annual Picnic

This year, joe and Gayle Hensler graciously offered their home for the location of our annual Sacramento Chapter picnic. We were running just a little bit late getting to the event, but by the time of our arrival, driving by our host's house, the cars were already spread out across the manicured sloping yard. Well over a dozen Ferraris of several models were neatly arranged. Passersby honked and cheered when they saw the display. The assortment of Ferraris were cloaked in red, silver, red, yellow, red and a few more in red (who would have guessed?). In addition to the cars of our primary interest (Ferrari, no?), there were vintage and classics from Chrysler, Austin Healey and many others on display, even a 1960 Shasta travel trailer, in perfect condition no less. The Testarossas parked on the lawn had their chin spoilers just brushing the tops of the blades of grass, as if they had all been lowered. What a great way to display these wide and road-hugging cars.

A wonderful assortment of BBQ and appetizers were available throughout the afternoon. Wine flowed and music played. Another day enjoying many of the splendid things that we cherish.

Please see the many photos in the gallery section of the website. Hope to see all of you, and more, at the next event.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Ferrari Challenge at Infineon

May 29, 2012 (Day Three)

A Ferrari event, by Ferrari, of Ferrari and for Ferrari. This was just one of those perfect days at Infineon - weather, cars, activities, owners and enthusiasts, sounds, food and refreshments. As most of the Ferraris present made their way onto the actual race course circuit at some point in the day, it was a little tough to make an accurate tally, but anyone's best guess may have put the number at something over 100 cars.

The Ferrari Challenge cars participating in the afternoon race (one of two races) numbered twenty-seven, and then there were several 599XX cars and one Ferrari FI car. The F1 car put in several blistering laps. Comments from anyone watching the F1 exhibition consistently used words such as "blur" and "blindingly fast". And then, there was that glorious sound, Ferrari of San Francisco's exhibit tent included most of the current models, including the new 458 Italia Spyder.

Making the transition from open air motoring to have the top up and secure, was a motion of engineering beauty. The top folds (literally) into into a very shallow tray over the engine, with hardly a whisper of an electric motor sound. And all this in just a few seconds, with the push of a button. What a far cry from putting the top up on something that 'requires some assembly', such as on an MG TC, etc. (can we mention this in a Ferrari article?).

In addition to Ferrari's on display, both static and at speed, were Ducati Motorcycles (also beautiful, both in motion and in the static mode). Also, displayed within the VIP tent were highly crafted, scale models, mostly of Ferraris. The detail was difficult to believe. As an example, there were several questions about whether the photos in the brochures were of the full-scale car being modeled or of the actual scale model car. The answer was always, 'the photos were of the model, not of the full size car'. Amazing detail. As far as the variety of Ferraris in attendance is concerned, there was little "old" or "vintage" in evidence, as this was an event for today's technology, machinery and performance. There were two older cars (displaying a little partiality here), both V-12's, both being 330's (that's 1960's vintage for some).

The Ferrari Challenge event at Infineon was held over a three-day period, Friday through Sunday (April 27-29). During the course of the day, there were two levels of on-the-track events for the street-legal cars. One involved a tour around the circuit behind a pace car, at speeds that gave the feel for the best line as well as for the complexity of the track. The pace was not so fast that anything, or anyone, could get out of control (right?). Therefore, there was not a requirement for any safety equipment beyond that needed on the street, not even a race helmet. The second level did include the requirement of a helmet and let the drivers lap the course at a pace that was comfortable for their own skill level, or maybe acceptable level of fear (or possibly, even their level of insurance coverage). A required driver's meeting was wisely established for all those entering the circuit to assure on-track safety. And lastly, there is a big 'thank you' to those drivers that offered and provided rides to event attendees that were without their own track-ready Ferraris. What a great experience.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

"Lunch with Mario" , April 15, 2012

For any of our members that were unable to attend this year's "Lunch with Mario", with Mario Andretti, at his winery in Napa Valley, you missed a great event, and …we hope you can find time to attend next year. You should all enjoy the sights, sounds, and company at these events. As in the past, this was a very well planned and attended gathering. Two years ago, the attendance was capped at 60 members. After growing to accommodate more members last year, the event blossomed to 160 members and guests this year. Mario's assistant has said that the Ferraris are not to leave the pavement ("no Ferrari shall touch dirt"), and with the cars filling the parking lot, as well as down one side of the access drive, it's a clear indicator that this is a popular event. The non-Ferraris were parked out back. This has become a "maximum occupancy" event.

71 Ferraris were counted in attendance, ranging from a 1966 275 GTS, 365 GTC4s, what appeared to be every model of the 300 series cars (308, 328, 348, etc) to 458s, a California, an Enzo and an FF. This was a very nice representation of what most people know Ferrari to be. This event means so much to Mario, that he caught a "very" early flight out of Ohio, to SFO, followed by a drive to his winery to be there for the club’s event. There he was, out greeting many as they arrived while at the same time assisting in the parking duties. During lunch, Mario told stories about his history with Ferrari, the company and the man, and then followed up responding to questions from the club members. Always eager to talk about anything in his racing history, he was also very accommodating in signing mementos, including engraved wine glasses that were won by a few members. A substantial component of the success was provided by the contributing sponsors, including Salerno Motorsports, FerrParts, Ferrari of San Francisco, San Francisco Motorsports and CTR Motors. We are in their debt for helping with the event. In the end, Neil, our Chapter President, presented an engraved aluminum and glass Cavallino to Mario so show our appreciation for his time and efforts at being such a gracious host.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

March 11, 2012 The HAT Tour, run on Sunday March 11, started with a gathering near the Crocker Art Museum in downtown Sacramento. Coffee and a nice selection of pastries is always a pretty good way to begin a Sunday morning, and the event organizers, Joe and Gayle Hensler were well prepared. All were pleased that the forecast for rain was way off schedule. The entire day was clear and dry, just as planned for the event. Upon arriving, we found that the museum was completely surrounded by a St. Patrick’s Day fun-run, but the alternate parking site was perfect, located in the middle of an otherwise, unused state parking lot. With only a slight delay to the scheduled gathering time, a group of 30 members, in an assortment of models (ranging from a 275GTS, a 365GTC4, a Mondial Cabriolet, and 360’s, 430’s, a 550 and 575), headed off on a short walk to the museum. Members traveled to this starting point from as far away as Auburn, Modesto, Folsom and Palo Alto. After a docent-led tour of the museum, we walked back to our cars and started a pleasant drive down the river roads to Rio Vista for a lunch stop at the famous Foster’s Bighorn Restaurant. Foster’s is well known for their extensive display of hunting trophies collected in the 1950’s from throughout North America and Africa, including a elephant! Rio Vista is a nice, quaint, delta town. Even the police patrol were helpful, as when we were all leaving, we were asked by two patrolmen if one of our group included a certain car without current registration tags. Just a friendly reminder, no ticket issued. Nice. After departing Rio Vista, we headed towards our final stop, the Western Railway Museum (www.wrm.org) which is located just a few miles west of Rio Vista on Highway 12. Our tour of the museum started with a ride out into the countryside in a restored 1904 electric streetcar. We were amazed to hear that this mode of transportation could travel in excess of 60 miles per hour when it debuted over a century ago. Quite a good option at the time, especially compared to a horse drawn buggy. After our private railcar tour, we were led through the museum’s new-car barn where much of the restored car collection is kept out of the elements. We then strolled through another structure to see the start of the museum collection, a street car purchased in 1946, by a few guys on a whim (and probably a few beers under their belt). Finally, before heading home, we were offered a rare glimpse inside their restoration shop where the fully voluntary staff works their magic to return life to these truly historic vehicles. There is already talk of what will replace these destinations for an event sometime next year.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Salerno Motorsports Tech Session, 2012

Our wonderful hosts and members, Ben and Janet Salerno, of Salerno Motorsports, once again overwhelmed those attending the tech session at their service facility in Rocklin. The beautiful, but cold day brought out over twenty Ferraris and forty-plus members and guests. The cars present, ranged from a Mondial 8, through an assortment including 355’s, 360’s 430’s, Testarossa’s, a 365 GTC4, a 458, 550’s, and in the shop, a 456, a 599 and a Lamborghini. I hope no one’s car was overlooked. When you get a chance to visit the Gallery section of this site, you will find dozens of photos documenting the event. Ben, Janet, and their staff displayed a 599 GTB and Lamborghini (all-wheel drive) up on the lift with their belly pans removed, exposing some of the complexities of the running gear and suspensions. Quite a substantial difference between these two Italian designs. A 456 (4-seater) had much of its engine removed for service to the top-end, and Ben was in the midst of servicing and rebuilding a fully disassembled F1 transaxle out of a 360. Ben walked us through many of the design features and operations of this amazing piece of machinery. What a passion for all things Ferrari! Owners and drivers of these F1 cars should really sit in on these very informative and impressive sessions. The tech session also included a mock concours judging on a couple of the members well prepared cars. There were many questions asked, together with much guidance provided by our club’s judges. And, we must give much thanks for all of Janet’s efforts for providing a wonderful assortment of pastries, fruit, juice, and (plenty) of hot coffee. Congratulations on a very nice event.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

2012 Delta Dash, January 28th

Eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini and one Jaguar met in El Dorado Hills and headed towards Freeport to meet with the FCA members from the Bay Area. We should have taken our car, as it would have certainly been the oldest car on the drive. Gorgeous weather. Winter in California - tough to beat. The only thing raining down on our drive was sunshine. Two stops to make sure we didn't loose anyone, as it was a fairly spirited drive. The second was made to get a coffee refill and to correctly time our arrival at the "standpipe". Our destination is located along the Sacramento River, just upstream from Clarksburg - there is a wonderful little grass-strip airfield here, outside of this sleepy little town. We were met by the family that owns and farms the land surrounding the annual meeting spot, a place where the club members have faithfully gathered each January or February for well over 25 years. Not too long after the "scheduled" arrival of the members from the Bay, the long string of cars started screaming (literally) around the bend in the Sacramento River levee road. Sounds like quite a few modified exhausts to me - like the F1 race might sound if run along these river levees. Soon, there was a beautiful collection of cars filling both sides of the pavement, as well as around the house and barn of our hosts. Let's see if we can recall the various models present; a new FF, 308GTB's, 308GTS's, a 308 GT4, 355's, 360's, 550's, 575's, 430's, 458's,...what did I miss? Could there have been fifty?As we looked around all sides of the well painted concrete column, we found Cavallinos with dates back to 1988, and then others without dates or nearly covered with graffiti from other interests. Over the years, we have found that "higher is better" to avoid graffiti, unless you are the incoming President of the Region of course, and then find that you have to scale the ladder to a dizzying height to paint the Cavallino, before being allowed to return to the safety of solid ground and take a ceremonial swig of Jack Daniels. Does anyone know how many years this bottle has been passed around? A few speeches were made, mention of this event celebrating Enzo's birthday, as well as John's birthday (the former farm owner and owner of the standpipe). John's daughter and family now act as our hosts and appear to be as enthusiastic about the event as our members. If anyone sang happy birthday to Enzo, I'm sorry that I missed hearing it. For those not up on their Enzo history, Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena (the 360 model) on February 20, 1898. In fact, as stated in "Enzo Ferrari, 50 Years of Motoring" he was actually born on the 18th, but as his mother was to tell him later, the snow that month was so deep that it was not possible to register the birth until two days later. Anyway, the date of this event fluctuates, but we still recognize this as his birthday. Enough of that. With the Cavallino painted for 2012, the herd of cars was started and moved out to the next grazing spot, The Grand Island Mansion. At the Mansion, a few more speeches and a good brunch was served. The last part of the event was a drawing for a new set of Pirelli tires, which we are happy to say was won by our own Nathan Tanaka. Congratulations Nate! With the event coming to a close, we all are looking forward to the next chapter event.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Fun At FerrParts A Sacramento Chapter Event January 21, 2012

Last year, this event was called the “Junk Yard Tour”. There will always be little bit of that feel at this event hosted by FerrParts, often because parts recycling is one of the few ways, or possibly the only alternative to obtain some of those Ferrari “unobtainium” parts. Wait one minute - everything there was "Ferrari", therefore it couldn't have anything to do with junk. New parts, in those very distinctive yellow Ferrari boxes, are to be found throughout the storerooms and are regularly being received, even for many of the vintage models.

Still recognizable in the back room’s part storage and dismantling area was a 400 (V12) Automatic. Yes, an automatic, with the transmission sourced, by Ferrari, from General Motors. Also, there were the shrinking remains of a respectable looking 308 GTS, and then there was a Mondial (V8) coupe that was transported to FerrParts with the engine sitting inside the car where the front passenger seat (there are also rear seats in the Mondial) should have been.

Sitting out front, to greet us, was a 430 Spyder that had been torched. Still, there were the parts there for someone, even if just for the artistic value on a Tifosi’s wall. In addition to these remnants of former cars, there were innumerable new and used parts, stacked to the rafters.

Hot coffee and a selection of pastries hit the spot on this cold morning, as members and guests strolled inside and out, looking at the inventory and discussing their cars, and this year’s upcoming events.

As the event was coming to a close, this “vintage car” guy was offered to drive one of the newer models, with an F1 transmission. As our “vintage” car has an electric starter and lights, and not much more (certainly no computers), an orientation was a necessity, even before turning the key. Just how many sensors and computers are there within a later model Ferrari anyway? I was so focused on driving the car (what a thrill) that I didn’t even realize just how fast (and quickly) we were traveling down surface streets. I found out later, that this car gets to, and maybe just a little beyond, the posted speed limit in a hurry. Thrills like this can become addicting. I may need a newer car. Isn’t this what it’s all about? (Thank you, Nate).

What an experience!

Hope to see you at our upcoming events.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

Sacramento's Christmas Party Over thirty members and guests from the Sacramento Chapter of the FCAPR gathered on December 10th for the 2011 Christmas Party. Our very gracious hosts, Shannon and Terrie, had their house well illuminated and decorated for the event, including an over-the-top "Ferrari" projected on one of the front walls of the house. Very cool. As if there weren't enough lights on the house, we also enjoyed the splendor of the valley lights of Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln, and who knows where else. What a view. We enjoyed a fine, and ample, selection of tasty treats as well as fine beverages concocted at the bar. Fine job, Matt. A "white elephant" event, later in the evening, requested that each couple should bring a nice, wrapped, gift rather than something that everyone might dread. An interesting twist on the rules, but why not go home with something that you like instead of counting the days to the next white elephant to unload your "prize". The trading was pretty competitive (like some of our members drive their cars) as there were some quite desirable items (Ferrari memorabilia, etc.). The Christmas tree was beautifully decorated, including a very nice touch by our hosts, a photograph ornament of each of the members cars. We wish that all of you that were unable to attend the event this year will be able to enjoy the festivities next year.

This post: November 13 2014 01:29 PM PST

The Ferrari Club of America was formed in 1962 to promote the restoration, preservation, and driving of the Ferrari automobile. Today, nearly 5000 members participate in events, enjoy the camaraderie and share the passion that is Ferrari. The Ferrari Club of America, a non-profit organization, is the largest Ferrari club in the world and the only club in North America recognized by Ferrari. The Sacramento Chapter is a fully recogmized chapeter of the Ferrari Club of America. (SEE http://www.ferrariclubofamerica.org/chapters.cfm)

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